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Studio Pictures

Picture week is a full studio event! It takes place sometime in late March or very early April, based on the photographer’s schedule. (For exact dates, check the studio Calendar on the Info tab above) While hustling and bustling with activity, it is a very efficient, organized event that runs on time and on schedule, if not ahead of schedule. Students take individual, class, award, and group pictures during this time to commemorate their hard work during the dance year. Pictures are optional.


The Picture Package Deal

We offer an all-inclusive Picture Package deal that includes One Individual Picture in the Recital Program Book, Dancer’s inclusion in all class photos in the Recital Program Book, the Photographer's Session Fee, Photo Editing and Finishing, and a Digital Download Link of your dancer's Individual Picture emailed directly to you to do with what you choose! Everything is taken care of for your so the only thing you have to do is enjoy the SMILE you see on your little dancer's face.


Read on for a more comprehensive look at what's included in the VALUE PACKED Picture Package Deal!

Included in the Four Parts of the Picture Package Deal:



1. The Recital Book ¼-of-a-Page Picture Space – No different than purchasing a lot space on which to put a house, this is the lot space, the recital book “real estate” within which your student’s individual dance picture will appear. This also includes the administrative processing work required to correctly insert the picture into the recital book, which is no small feat.



2. The Photo Session – This is a full event. It’s the actual picture taking session, complete with a photographer, a photographer’s assistant, an Elite teacher (usually the owner) posing and helping the student take the best picture(s) possible, and a team of four to six additional people present specifically to streamline the process and deliver a great customer service experience.



3. The Photo Editing & Administrative Processing Finish Work – No picture is complete without editing. Editing is the part of the process that no one sees and takes quite some time to complete, even after the photo session has long been over. In fact, before editing can even begin, pictures must be manually collected, labeled, and sorted. At this point, based on years of experience, the studio Director or Assistant Director will personally pick the picture of the student that she feels best highlights them. Please note: Because of the magnitude of the picture process, the director's decision is final. The picked picture is then edited for you. Once the entire process is completed, a special distribution process is followed to get the finished product directly to you.



4. The Picture Package – Each family receives 1 digital download link with their student(s) individualized dance picture. (If you took pictures in more than one costume, the digital download you receive with the Picture Package deal is in the costume of your choice.) As an added complimentary bonus, Elite Dance also includes your student’s class picture(s) with your download link, further enhancing value.




THE TL/DR (Too Long / Didn’t Read) OF IT:


The picture fee includes 4 parts:

· ¼ Page Picture Space in the Recital Book

· The Photo Session Event

· Editing & Administrative Processing Work

· Your Digital Download Photo Package

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