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Competitive Dance

The Elite Dance Company

The Elite Dance Company competitive team competes throughout the year at both Regional and National Competitions. Typically, the Elite Dance Company does 4 to 5 mandatory competitions a year, with I to 2 optional competitions. Competition Season may begin as early as November and run as late as April.


Many factors are taken into account when choosing a company member. Maturity, focus, behavior and ability are just a few things considered. Elite Dance takes company members as young as 4 years old.

How To Become a Member

Eligible candidates include anyone with a positive attitude who is energetic, driven, and committed with a passion for performing.


Interested students must attend specified Summer Classes. We do not hold auditions. Student's will be evaluated during this time and will be notified the last week of summer classes if they are chosen based on their performance. (Any student missing summer classes but still interested in competition must contact the office either by phone or email.)


To enroll in competition classes, please register online now for the 'COMPANY - INTERESTED IN COMPETITION' class ONLY Someone from the office will contact you directly to place the student in the appropriate company classes.

[Please note: There is no fee associated with the 'Company-Interested in Competition' class. This is an interest only class.]


If selected as an Elite Dance Company Member, you will be required to attend 'Company Week', an intensive for company members only. Company members will be evaluated at this time for placement in groups, trios, duets, and solos. This year company evaluations will tentatively be held: JULY 30-31, 2023, DAY & EVENING.

The tuition fee for company week is $150.00 per dancer.

Additionally, for those selected for the team, there will be a Company Meeting held on: AUGUST 2nd, 2023 @ 6pm.


Required company summer and fall classes are listed below.


PLEASE NOTE: Students are placed in a company first and foremost by ABILITY and NOT AGE. Ages set below are a starting place only. Ms. Eileen decides which company will be the most beneficial for the student. The decision is final. Moreover, certain large group & tine dances are the ONLY dances students are guaranteed to be in, as Elite Dance Company is FIRST AND FOREMOST A TEAM. A company member must be asked to be in small groups, trios, duets, and solos. This applies to every student whether the student has danced for 6 minutes or 6 years.


There is a significant amount of time and financial commitment that will be expected from all members. It is important that all parties understand the expectations before making a commitment to this team. Full team obligations will be explained to those chosen at the Company meeting in August.



Company Class Schedule

* $200 Company Membership Fee will be assessed for the first competitive student per family. $100 Company Membership Fee each additional competitive student per family. Company Membership Fee includes all production related costs for the year including prop hauling, eds for students, etc.


** Due to the number of classes required for company members Elite has set a discounted class rate of approximately $40 monthly per class for required summer session classes and $40 monthly per class for optional fall session classes. Prospective students auditioning for company will be charged the summer session rate for their prospective age grouping to be drafted July 1, which includes all required classes and any optional classes unless otherwise noted above.

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