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    • "They prepare young performers for a career on both the collegiate and professional levels."
      Lesslee Fitzmorris
    • "Elite really CARES about their students and they feel it!"
      Lee MacKenzie
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Dance Classes Section


Toddler Princesses!

Ages 18 months - 3 years


Our Toddler Princess Classes are specifically designed for your 'young royalty' to experience movement and music, choreography and dance in a happy fun environment!


Your Toddler Princess Dance Program at a glance:


    * Combination Ballet / Tap for Toddlers

    The perfect introduction to two styles of dance for your little dancer! A half hour of ballet and half hour of tap is the most popular format for our very young, up and coming dancers!

    * Jazz-erinas!

    An introduction to Jazz class for your active 3 year old! Classes involves a warm up, light stretches, dance games and individual work similar to follow the leader. This class is a great choice for toddlers who love to move and shake!

    * Advanced 3's Ballet / Tap for Toddlers

    The perfect continuation of the combination ballet / tap for toddlers. Two styles of dance for your little dancer! A half hour of ballet. A half hour of tap. A slightly quicker pace! In order to qualify for this class, dancers must have had a year of dance already. Teacher Approval is required.

    Classes Available [Click For Available Classes]:



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