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Baby & Toddler Class FAQ’s

(For 18 months to 5 years old)


Are parents going to be allowed in the room, while class is going on?

For the first class, parents will be allowed to walk students into class in order to put both the child's and the parents' fears to rest. After the first class, the assistants and/or the teacher will take your child at the door, and attend to any needs while they are in class, other than bathroom. Please wait until after class to speak with your child or the teacher about concerns you have. Knocking on the windows or "poking your head in" are not permitted, as it completely diverts the attention of every child in the class away from the teacher. You are, however, encouraged to stay and watch class in the viewing area.


Do you accept children who are not potty trained?

At Elite we do accept students not yet potty trained, but we will not attend to any bathroom needs. If a students needs to use the bathroom, they will be escorted out of the classroom by one of the assistants and allowed to come back in when they are ready.


Are the students allowed to bring items into the classroom?

Only 18month-2 year old classes, 2&3 year old classes and 4&5 year old classes are allowed to bring in their dance bag. If absolutely necessary students may bring in comfort items (i.e. pacifier, blankets, dolls). The necessity will be determined on an individual basis and at the discretion of Ms. Stephanie. Food, drink, candy, or gum is not allowed in the classroom.


What happens if a child has to miss a class?

Many things arise during the year. If at all possible please make sure that the students miss class as little as possible. With younger children routine is everything. Since students only come once a week, attendance is vital to developing both a quality relationship and important dance skills. If you know in advance you are going to miss a class, click on the 'Going to be Absent' link in the 'Contact Us' pull down menu above.


When will you know about dances and costumes?

Costume measurements for students happen during their Halloween parties. The teacher may show pictures of the costumes and have a song sample sometime before Christmas vacation. The students will complete one dance for ballet and one dance for tap. Each child will be introduced at the beginning of one of their dances. Costume pictures are usually available for viewing sometime between October and December. Please be advised that specific tights and shoes will be required for class pictures and for the recital for each costume and is considered part of the costume.


What are the qualifications of assistants?

Depending on the class, assistants will be other teachers at Elite, former teacher graduates from Elite, or current teacher graduate candidates. In cases where graduated or graduate students are not available, faculty will choose other qualified assistants. In order to assist, a student must be approved by the owners and the teacher, and must be at least 10 years old.


What happens if my child cries or misbehaves during class?

Every child has a different personality. A teacher or an assistant will attempt to comfort each child personally if a child is upset. It often takes several classes for students to be acclimated to the classroom environment. Because the class is only once a week, it takes children a little longer to feel comfortable than it would in a daycare or preschool environment where they attend class every day. Tailored responses are made to each child according to the child's personality. The child directs the teachers' responses to any behavior (positive or negative) exhibited. Please talk to the teacher about any behavior that your child exhibits during class that is troubling to you.



Every student who registers has the option to choose whether or not to participate in the recital in June. If you are unsure whether or not your little dancer will like classes, choose Not Doing Recital on the registration form and you will not incur costume and recital fee charges. Please note: If you choose to have your little dancer participate in the recital, you will be responsible for all recital and costume related fees. Please refer to the draft schedule for when they are do.

If you are interested in changing your recital participation status, please let the office know.



Each ballet/tap combo class changes shoes half way through the class. The teachers and assistants will change your child's shoes until they are old enough to do it themselves. Please make sure to label the inside of your child's shoes with their last name or initials at the start of the dance year. Shoes may be switched by accident.



Please click HERE for specified combo class dance wear. We encourage all the frilly fun outfits!